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Let's Talk About Taro Root

Taro root, or sometimes just taro, is a root vegetable from the plants of the Araceae family. This vegetable thrives in areas where water is abundant. It is best grown in flooded conditions, like rice. When cut open, it's a pale lilac colour with darker purple flecks scattered throughout. The colour of both the insides and outsides of this vegetable does vary depending on the variation and region the taro root is grown in.

Taro root has a sweet and nutty flavour. I love it in both sweet and savoury dishes. My favourite taro root recipe is one of my grandmothers: taro root steamed with Chinese Preserved Pork Belly. My favourite sweet taro root recipe is a dessert soup with coconut milk, black glutinous rice, tapioca, and of course, taro. In Chinese it's called 椰汁芋頭紫米露 (translated something along the lines of coconut taro black glutinous rice dessert soup.) In the Philipines it is called Ginataan.

I love taro enough that I've dedicated this entire site to taro root recipes. Hopefully, you'll find this site to be a useful repository of savoury and sweet uses for taro root.