German Shepherds That Are Purebred

A purebred German Shepherd Dog is one of the most loyal breeds available. They are also very strong, alert and fearless. GSDs are very eager to please. Thus, German Shepherds are more known to be a working Dog. You may have noticed German Shepherds working alongside Police Men and Women, as well as military men. Although mostly used for working, German Shepherds can make very good agility and show Dogs. GSDs are very intelligent; they learn very quickly and they can retain information quite well.

The importance of breeding a German Shepherd purebred when the Dog is expected to become a working Dog is very high. German Shepherds have been breed for centuries to attain the most valuable attributes among Dog breeds. Police breeders, for example, use a very special selection process when choosing which animals can be bred, and which can not. The ones that do not make the cut, are sold for pets. Shepherds make amazing pets as well. Although, this directly displays the importance of a working Doe being a purebred.

Sometimes when a Dog is bred with another breed, they take some of the attributes from the other breed that the owner or breeder may not like. For example, both German Shepherds and Rottweilers are among the top ten most aggressive Dogs. The only difference is that German Shepherds are quite loyal while Rottweilers are know to have a condition where their brain grows too big for their head and they tend to snap. This type of aggression would not be good for a working Dog. This is just one example of the importance of a Purebred German Shepherd.

Is my German Shepherd Purebred?

Many times people adopt a German Shepherd from a shelter, which is a great idea and a perfect way to start a Family while helping an animal in need and your community all at the same time. Generally, the owner is going to become curious of their Shepherd's orientation. As well, some pet owners buy purebred Shepherds from breeders that are not registered, and they just want some tell-tale signs to let them know how much German Shepherd is in their new pet. No matter the reason behind it, finding out if your German Shepherd is purebred can easily be found out by a simply blood test from your local vet. If you do not wish to go to that extent and you are simply curious, there are some tell-tale signs to tell if your German Shepherd is Purebred.

How to tell if your GSD is a Purebred:

Purebred Shepherd
Fig1. - A view of how a Purebred German Shepherd stands