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Mountain Bike Types

From endurance training to shredding trails, different mountain bikes are designed for different types of terrain from sand to snow.Read More

Mountain Bike Types

a hardtail bike

Hardtail Bike

For the money conscious or beginners of the sport, hardtails are the most affordable version of all proper mountain bikes yet. A hardtail is easy to spot with its solid single body construction and a suspension fork in front. Similar to road bikes, hardtails are fun to ride in city streets in addition to light trails with every pedal stroke. For a simple bike, its very easy to clean and parts are cheaper to replace than its full suspension brother.

a full suspension bike

Full Suspension Bike

After a year of trail rides or maybe a few bad crashes its time to upgrade your skills on the trails with a full suspension mountain bike. The term full suspension refer to the two suspensions in the bike, one in front and another between the frame. The frame itself is composed of the upper half and lower half joined by pivots and a shock absorber made of either air, coil or even both. Full suspension bikes generally cost more because of higher quality accessories attached to it including the frame itself and with extra moving parts mean more cleaning and maintenance check.

a crosscountry hardtail bike

Cross Country Bike

A cross country bike (XC) is either a hardtail or a full suspension with the shortest suspension of all mountain bikes. What is suspension travel? Suspension travel is the approximate length of the shock after it compress and rebound when hitting an obstacle. Cross country bikes generally have a 100mm of travel to maintain speed, perfect for long endurance races. Newer XC bikes are fitted with either 27.5 or 29 inch offroad race wheels.

a full suspension bike

Trail Bike

Trail bikes are a little better than cross country bikes and were made to be faster at cornering and jumps. Low end hardtail trail bikes still exist while full suspension versions generally have 100 to 120mm of suspension travel to take more abuse. This bike is built to handle local trails and moderately difficult terrain with low jumps and obstacles. Its great for hitting root infested trails and fairly challenging drops or jumps.

a full suspension all mountain bike.

Enduro Bike

For a meaner business, the enduro mountain bikes are built for all sorts of very challenging trails. If you're brave enough, enduro bikes are designed to go hard and fast on downhill tracks and quickly climb steep ascents. This bike with its 140 to 160mm of travel it can handle big drops and jumps, plow through rocks or roots and maintain excellent handling. With a push of a button both rear and front suspensions lock up to be fully rigid and is now ready for long climbs.

a downhill mountain bike.

Downhill Bike

For the freefall freaks. Downhill bikes are a class of its own made only for plowing steep and fast tracks and cliffs. You can't pedal a downhill bike up a mountain by design however its carbon construction mean it's easy to carry. World Cup competitions are held around the world with elite athletes riding at speeds exceeding imaginations and is achieved by tacky 26 or 27.5 inch wheels, large disc brakes and the biggest rear suspension of 200mm. This is the dangerous side of the sport and will result it many visits to the doctor. Full face helmets are required including a body armour and joint pads when playing the sport.

a fatbike

Fat Bike Bike

Fat bikes are ocassional hardtails with big fat tires made to roll over sand, snow and mud. This is a special bike with a unique purpose and its seeing more action both on and off road lately because of its look. Like sticks in doughnuts, The fat tires absorb vibrations and provide adequate suspension for landing small jumps. So if you've thinking about mountain biking this winter, this is the bike for you!