Maine Coon Health & Wellness

Keeping your furry feline friends healthy & happy.

Maine Coon Health Behaviors

Female Maine Coon Cat
Fig3. - Adult Female Maine Coon

Maine Coon cats are noted for intelligence and kindly disposition. Though their size can be intimidating, they are known for their friendliness towards just about anything and are especially good with children and other pets. While typically a very loving pet, Maine Coon cats tend to bond strongly with their owners, easily earning the nickname "the gentle giant".

Personality is also a big factor in the popularity of the breed, as most Maine Coons are very outgoing and fun-loving pets. From the time that they are kittens, they are hunters and love to play with strings and whatever else they can find. This makes them great for mousing and hunting birds, although you may end up with quite a few different kinds of animals on your doorstep. Do be aware that they love to leave you little “gifts”!

While Maine Coons are generally well behaved, here are some typical behaviour issues to watch out for:

  • Aggression
  • Anxiety
  • Change In Appetite
  • Over Grooming
  • Over Sleeping
  • Urinating

Changes in your feline friends behaviour can be an underlying sign of some serious health concerns, be it injury or illness. Take notice of any changes in the behaviour of your Maine Coon and consult a veterinarian with any concerns.