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Maine Coon Characteristics

Maine Coon Kittens
Fig2. - Maine Coon Kittens (OMG SO FUZZY!!)

Maine Coons are a very distinguishable breed as they have a variety of different traits that all match the normal physical attributes of other Maine Coons. They are mainly distingusihable by their large stature, big shaggy coats and their long bushy raccoon like tails.

      1. Pure Maine Coons will have a rectangular shaped body, meaning that the size and shape of their muscles give them a strong, rectangular shape, unlike the oblong or very sleek build domestic cats have. Although if your cat is a mixed breed this can be different, but most of the time a cat with Maine Coon in the genetics will have a very strong build.

      2. Maine Coon coats are as unique as their wonderful personalities. Typically their fur is medium to long and is quite shaggy. Most cats of this breed will have a mane around the neck that is longer than the rest of the hair covering their bodies. Generally the most popular color of fur are the brown tabby and tiger striped, but they are available in reds, chocolates, fawn and just about every color combination that a cat can come in. They also have a double coat that can be patterned on the top and solid underneath or vice-versa.

      3. Maine Coons will have a long tail covered in thick, long fur. They usually hold their bodies and tails very proudly, and are usually more docile and calm around people, unlike many other breeds. Of course, some cats are simply born wary of humans, and this cannot be changed, no matter how friendly you are to your feline friend.