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Main Coon Diet & Nutrition

Maine Coon Cat licking lips
Fig5 . - Maine Coon Cat Licking Lips

Maintaining a well balanced and healthy diet goes a long way to ensuring the long term well being for your Maine Coon. Choosing the right food for your feline friend is extremely important in preventing a variety of health issues such as constipation, hairballs and obesity.

Because of their large size, Maine Coons require food ample with protein and nutrients in their diets. Due to their high energy, its best to feed them high quality wet and dry foods. Avoid cheap foods made with filler ingredients as they are the feline equivelant of junk food.

Foods rich in soy or other grains should not be given as a cats natural diet does not include grains as they can lead to obesity and diabetes. It's best to feed Maine Coons food that have meat listed as the first ingredient as they will provide the necessary protein and nutrients needed to maintain a healthy diet.

Ensuring your feisty feline is getting enough fresh water really is beneficial for urinary tract health. Diets consisting of only dry foods tend to be worse for the long term health of your cat and can lead to urinary tract illness and kidney disease. It is recommended that you incorporate wet foods (pouch, tray, can) into your Maine Coon cats daily food routine.