Girly Drink Recipes

Ultimate Girly Drink Recipe Guide

My Top Ten Cocktails

Here you will find my all time top ten favorite cocktails and other alcoholic beverages. All tested and given five stars on the ultimate girly drink scale. I made sure to include a variety of different drinks to suit all girly drinkers. Whether you prefer a spicy casear or a fruity flirtini, you are sure to find a recipe here that will spark your senses.

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My Top Ten Shots

Shots are an unavoidable part of the bar experience, whether your love them or hate them you are probably drinking them. It’s good, if you are a girly drinker, to know off the top of your head easy girly shots to order to keep up with the crowd. Here is a compilation of the ultimate girly shots.

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How this girly drink guide came to be

There has been more than one occasion that I have been at the bar at a loss of what to order. I am not the first to say that I love drinking but can’t stand the taste of almost all alcohol. Because of this ordering drinks has always been almost challenging for myself. Now that some time has passed I like to say that I have mastered the art of girly drinking. That is why I decided to write the ultimate guide to girly drinking, and pass off recipes of the best girly drinks around. I won’t lie, I have a pretty bad vodka bias. But there is no other alcohol on the planet that can hide its flavor so well in juice or just about anything. So please read and enjoy.