Controlling Curls

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Controlling Curls


My Curly Hair

I have naturally curly hair, and I have dedicated my whole life to taming and controlling curls that could be described as frizzy, tangled, and big. Through my journey of controlling curls, I have come up with a list of Do’s and Don’ts. Some of these controlling curls Do’s and Don’ts will be more difficult than others, and some trial and error should be anticipated as everyone's hair is unique, but you will succeed!

Realize your curls potential!

Controlling Curls ~ Do’s:

Do Keep It Natural

The first step in controlling curls is to stop trying to control them! What I mean is, stop forcing your hair to do what is un-natural in its nature. Toss out your blow dryers, flat irons, brushes and combs because from this day forwards you will have no need for them. For controlling curls, you will use your fingers so smooth and unknot and re-coil those curls. By doing all these simple things, your curls will be happier and in turn you will be happier and controlling curls wont be such a chore!

Do Moisturize

Beautiful frizz free curly hair is moisturized curly hair. Curly hair is drier than straight hair; this is because your heads natural moisturizer, sebum, has a hard time making its way down the shape of the curly hair strand, and without extra help from moisturizing products your curls become dry and frizzy. Not good for controlling curls! Frizz is pretty much your hair reaching up and out to the moisture in the air, but if your hair is fully moisturized this won’t happen.

Do Invest In a Satin Weave Pillow Case

A satin weave pillow case in silk (a natural, breathable fiber) or polyester (a man-made fiber) will help prevent your curls from frizzing and tangling at night. Satin pillowcases are made with long smooth fibers and weaved in the longest weave; this prevents hair from catching and snagging on the pillowcase. Standard cotton pillowcases also absorb the curls moisture into the dry fibers (osmosis), and this contributes to dehydrating curly hair. In the morning, you will find controlling curls much easier.

Do Tie Your Hair Back At Night

Tying curly hair back in a high loose “messy” bun will help in controlling curls through the night. By doing this you will prevent your curly hair from tangling and matting while sleeping.

Controlling Curls ~ Don’ts:

Don't blow dry

One of the best ways to have dry frizzy hair is to use a blow dryer. Using this hair tool will dehydrate and take the life and shine out of your hair as well as the curl. By using a blow dryer, you are preventing your curls from preforming at their best even on the days you decide to go natural. It will take a few washings without using the blow dryer before your curls will take their true and beautiful form.

Don't touch your hair as it dries

As tempting as it maybe, for controlling curls, DON'T touch your hair as it dries! When hair is drying it looks awkward and you'll be tempted to try do some damage control, however, touching your hair can un-clump the curls and they will fluff out. Your hair will be worse than if you left it alone. Don't even look in a mirror until your hair is 80% dry, then you can fix any flatness or any unruly curls.

Don’t Use Sulfates

The best, however one of the most challenging ways for controlling curls is to stay away from products that contain:

  • Sodium Lauryl Sulfate
  • Sodium Laureth Sulfate
  • Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate
  • Ammonium Laureth Sulfate
These are what give shampoos lather but they also strip all the moisture from your curly hair causing your hair to dry out and frizz.

Don’t Use Silicones

  • Dimethicone
  • Cyclomethicone
  • Dimethiconol
  • Amodimethicone

Listed above are a few common silicones used in shampoos and conditioners; these are more ingredients you want to avoid when controlling curls. Pretty much you can identify silicones in products as most end in cone or one. Silicones are used to smooth, add shine, detangle, and they make hair soft to the touch. Unfortunately for controlling curls, they can be the worst thing to use. Silicones coat and seal the hair strand, this helps smooth the hair cuticles, but silicones aren’t water soluble and once they are on the hair water and moisturizing products can’t penetrate and be absorbed into the hair strand anymore. This causes the hair strand to dry up under the coatings of silicone and the only way to wash it off is by using a sulfate shampoo which as mentioned above will also strip your hair strands of any remaining moisture. This is a vicious cycle and one to be avoided for controlling curls.

Don’t Dry Curly Hair with a Terry Cloth Towel

Terry cloth towels are super moisture absorbing, that’s why they are a perfect material for drying yourself with! However, because they are so moisture absorbing, they absorb too much moisture from your curls and this causes frizzing. Instead, use an old tee-shirt or a micro-fiber towel; but for controlling curls don’t rub the hair, scrunch it instead.