Best Hiking Spots in Alberta

This website is to give my personal opinion on some of the best hiking spots in Alberta, Canada! I have been to all of these places and truly enjoyed my experiences there, and wanted to share it with anyone looking to do some beginner level hiking in Alberta. I have a big beautiful Saint Bernard who I love to bring along, so I always let you know if dogs are allowed! Dogs are allowed on all public hiking trails in Alberta however it's very important to keep them leashed as there are wild animals around. I wear a bell and carry bear spray with me on all my hikes and I recommend this to others as well. Hiking in the mountains in particular has become something I look forward to every summer, getting the chance to explore these beautiful spaces is amazing! I hope you enjoy my list of some of the best hiking spots in Alberta!

Hiking at Lake Louise

Lake Louise, Alberta

Hiking at Lake Louise is a great experience because it is such a beautiful and scenic location. There are many different options for hiking the Lake Louise area, enabling you to "mix and match" your hike. I personally enjoy the Lake Agnes hike. Hiking from the parking area at Lake Louise up to the tea house, is a 6.4 km hike. It's quite a steep hike, most of it is uphill but still worth it because it was so beautiful. I would rate this hike for beginners and it's also a great one to bring your dog along on! Make sure to have plenty of water, and maybe even a little snack. Overall it's one of the best hiking spots in Alberta!

Hiking at Moraine Lake

Moraine Lake, Alberta

Moraine lake in the Valley of the Ten Peaks, is one of the best places in Alberta to go hiking. The beautiful lake is glacier fed, and gets it's blue green colour from the glacial silt. The hike is 1.5 km one way, with no elevation gain. Making it a perfect hike for beginners. It's very busy in the summer months with limited parking so make sure to get there early. You can also rent a canoe and canoe the length of the lake. It's definitely a must see if you're staying in the Banff area! It's absolutely one of the best places to hike in Alberta.

Hiking at the Valley of Five Lakes

Valley of Five Lakes, Alberta

Valley of the Five Lakes is located just outside of Jasper and is a great beginners level hike that you can bring your dog on too! Just remember it's always important to keep your dog leashed on hikes like this, as it is bear country! I suggest wearing bells, and having bear spray with you just in case. The Five Lakes hike is great because you get to enjoy five lakes instead of just one, take in the beauty and varying colours of all the lakes. I recommend heading out early to avoid crowds as this is one of the best hiking spots in Alberta.

Hiking at Sunshine Meadows

Sunshine Meadows, Alberta

All of the trails at Sunshine Meadows are appropriate for beginners. So, if you have the chance to take in the beautiful flower filled meadows and glorious mountains on this hike then don't miss out! The trails are graveled, and there are even outhouses. To get to the meadows you need to go to the Sunshine Ski Resort, after that access to the meadows is 6km up a restricted road, so a shuttle is available to take people there. This is a very beautiful hiking spot, one of the best hiking spots in Alberta!

Hiking at Johnston Canyon

Johnston Canyon, Alberta

Johnston Canyon is a great hike as you can fit it to your abilities. View the lower falls (1.1 km from the parking lot),upper falls (2.7 km from the parking lot), or hike all the way up to the ink pots(5.8 km from the parking lot), it's up to you! It's another great hike to bring your dog along for, I'm sure you'll see many others doing the same thing. If you're in the Jasper area this is a great Alberta hike that you shouldn't miss! Defintiley one of the best hiking spots in Alberta.

Hiking at Maligne Lake

Maligne Lake, Alberta

Maligne Lake is a great place to spend the day with your family hiking! It has well manicured gravel trails, and canoes for rent to see more of the lake. Don't worry about parking because there is plenty of parking at Maligne Lake. Maligne lake has a great variety of trails from casual walks, to steady uphill climbs. There is something for everyone here. Enjoy the amazing scenery, bring your dog and after you're done hiking enjoy lunch! This is definitely one of the best hiking spots in Alberta!